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4 Important Questions to Ask Your Lender Before You Sign Any of Their Documents

1. Do you have a variety of loan programs to fit my cash flow and expected length of ownership needs? If you are going to live in your new home for less than five years, you may want to consider an adjustable rate mortgage or “ARM.” With an ARM your payments will be lower, but […]

Moving Made Easy – Moving Tips

So you’ve decided to make the big move. Did you know that moving is ranked among life’s most stressful events? However, with the proper planning, preparation, and my help, your next move can be a smooth one. Here are some key items you should know before your move. #1. Start a file for all details […]

Middleton Weather

Weather Forecast | Weather Maps | Weather Radar | Hurricane Center It’s officially Spring in Middleton, WI… Although it actually feels like Summer. Almost as if we went from Winter straight to Summer. The Middleton Weather is superb right now! Here is screenshot I took on my iPhone: I love it! Hope you’re enjoying this […]

Middleton WI Gas Prices

Today’s topic is one that is on the minds of most Americans these days: Gas Prices! I have a receipt saved from back in 1998 where I paid $0.98 per gallon!! Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it?! Sad but true that our gas prices have skyrocketed in the meantime. In Middleton, the gas prices are around $3.99 […]