Selecting a Realtor in Middleton

The biggest benefit of working with a real estate agent when you are buying a home is that they are familiar with the market in a particular area. This means that they will be able to tell you when new homes open up, and also what you need to do in order to get the best deal.

Another big benefit of working with a real estate agent is that they are generally paid by the seller. This means working with an agent doesn’t cost you a dime! (Be sure to have your agent about their fees.)

Generally speaking, a real estate agent can give you all of the help that you need. For many people who are not familiar with the real estate market this is a great idea.

What are the advantages of hiring a REALTOR®?

  • Market knowledge – our market knowledge in Middleton is exclusive. This means we ONLY concentrate on the Middleton area when it comes to our real estate practice. This means you get the very best knowledge when it comes to the market. Specialized is getter than generalized. Most agents are general agents; whereas, we are specialized agent to the Middleton area.
  • Tour of homes – did you know we can get you into ANY listing you see on this site or any other site? Through our association with the Multiple Listing Service(MLS) we have access to every home that is listed. We are also able to tour for sale by owner properties.
  • Contractual knowledge – we our highly experienced and licensed to understand the many real estate contracts involved in the real estate transaction. Every few years the contracts are updated (and usually added to… the Offer To Purchase allow is 9 pages of legal descriptions and provisions), so it is one of our top priorities to keep our real estate license and knowledge current by attending Continuing Education classes.
  • Top-notch negotiation skills – another benefit of hiring us a real estate agent is that they can help you to negotiate the deal. Not only will you be able to ask us any questions that you have, but when you are ready to make an offer we can get in touch with the other agent in order to iron out the details. This sure beats having to do this on your own. When you leave things up to us as your real estate agent you can be rest assured that we know what they are doing, and are working on your behalf to get you a great deal. We have been top producing sales associates in various industries for over 10 years. Armed with highly specialized expertise in advanced negotiations and sales techniques, we know how to successfully negotiate through the real estate sales process.
  • Taking the transaction from showings to closing – we organize the entire real estate process from start to finish. We manage all the timelines, contingencies, inspections, title coordination with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. We also attend each and every closing for our clients.

This only scratches the surface of what we personally offer to our clients. Not all real estate agents are created equal, so you may not get the same service from another agent as you would with us. Hire us today!

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

Many buyers may not know this, but some real estate agents are “buyers agents” meaning they specialize in working with buyers. You do not have to be selling your home in order to take advantage of what a real estate agent has to offer. So before you take on this process alone, look into what hiring a real estate agent can do for you. You may be surprised at all of the help you can get along the way.

What should I ask an agent?

When you interview a real estate agent, make sure that you have the agent explain their fees.  This way, you’ll know exactly how much they will be getting from the purchase.  You should also find out how much experience they have in the field, and how long they has been working in real estate.  You can also ask about sample contracts as well.  If you are buying a home, you should make sure that the agent works with buyers.  If you happen to be selling your home, then you’ll want to make sure that the agent works with sellers. Agents that are dedicated to one or the other are the best to choose, as they will have more experience than agents who work with both buyers and sellers.

Find a real estate agent is an easy task – providing you know what to look for.  If you take things one step at a time and carefully make a decision, chances are that you’ll end up with an agent who has the experience you want.  You should always be careful when you choose, and never rush the process.  Real estate agents are easy to find, although finding one who fits your needs and has your budget in mind is a little tougher to locate.  When you make that final decision, you should always choose an agent who has your best interest in mind – and isn’t just after the money. Keep in mind that buyer agents usually don’t charge the buyer for services, as buyer agents are generally compensated by the seller. Buyer agents represent the buyer’s best interest and are bound to protect it. Again, when you interview a real estate agent, make sure that you have the agent explain their fees.  This way, you’ll know exactly how much they will be getting from the purchase.

Making the right choice

Our #1 recommendation is Ron Reed who is an Exclusive Middleton REALTOR®. This means that Ron is exclusive to the Middleton area. He ONLY sells real estate in Middleton and knows the market better than any other agent. This is something unique to Ron and why we recommend him. As a buyer, you don’t pay him a penny and he gives you top notch representation. For more information, contact Ron Reed at 608-395-3005 or email


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