3 Things I Enjoy About Middleton

Middleton, WI is such a wonderful place to live and work, so today I wanted to write about it and bring you the three(3) things I enjoy about Middleton.

This isn’t an inclusive list by any means, and is just my personal opinion on the area. For more information on the Middleton area, please visit www.VisitMiddleton.com

1.) The thriving Middleton real estate market. I may be a little biased on this one considering I’m an exclusive Middleton real estate agent; however, the market doesn’t seem to be as affected as other areas of the state or nation. This shouldn’t to be construed that Middleton isn’t affected by the national real estate slump; however, the statistics show Middleton is doing better than most. (For more information on the Middleton market, please contact me at 608-395-3005 or email me at ron@livinginmiddletonwi.com)

2.) Middleton Schools. This is one of the biggest reasons people move to Middleton. The Middleton-Cross Plains School District consistently outperforms other schools in state and national averages in ACT, SAT and state tests. They also rank in the top 1% in state tests! In a three-year average of scores on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam, Middleton students ranked in the top 3 among area districts in all subject areas tested. (For more information, please read our post on Middleton Schools)

3.) The Middleton Community. I know this one is a little vague, but allow me to explain. The Middleton Community is friendly, giving, generous, passionate, caring and down-right enjoyable to be around. I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with people who can make you a better person, and I’ve found that with the Middleton community. It’s definitely one of the biggest reasons I love Middleton, and why I choose to do business here.

Honorable Mention – Middleton is also a community filled with fun and fascinating attractions. Tour a world-class brewery, go back in time at the historical museum, explore a beautiful nature preserve or walk one of the many nature trails. No matter what your interest, you’ll find something to enjoy in Middleton.

What are your 3 favorite things about Middleton? Join the conversation. Please share your comments below.