Middleton WI Gas Prices

Today’s topic is one that is on the minds of most Americans these days: Gas Prices!

I have a receipt saved from back in 1998 where I paid $0.98 per gallon!! Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it?! Sad but true that our gas prices have skyrocketed in the meantime.

In Middleton, the gas prices are around $3.99 per gallon. This seems to be typical to the Madison, WI area as most stations have about the same. Below is a picture I took on my iPhone just before writing this post. Apparently, the anticipation is that gas prices will peak $5.00 by mid-summer. Other people say they will go down; however, perpetually gas prices have gone up year-after-year.


What are your thoughts on the recent (or yet to come) gas prices? Let me know.