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Middleton Hills is located on the northern part of Middleton, WI. Consisting of around 400 homes, townhouses, apartments and work units. The community was master planned by DPZ Architects with the credit of Marshal Erdman. Erdman was the founder of Marshal Erdman and Associates which was one of the nation’s leading designers and builders of medical outpatient facilities.

Many of the architectural designs found in Middleton Homes were inspired by homes built from 1890 to 1930 — compact towns, with smaller lots, closer houses, narrow streets, and a mix of residential and commercial zoning. This is no mistake. Andress Duany, co-founder of DPZ architectural firm, and his team of designers, engineers and landscape architects spent time in the Middelton area examining the land, meeting with city administrators, and designing the basic site for Middleton Hills.

Architectural Designs

Below you will find a few architectural styles found in the Middleton Hills Subdivision:

Prairie Home

Prairie Style

The Prairie Style house is largely credited to Wisconsinite Frank Lloyd Wright. He revolutionized the American home when he started his venture designing Prairie Style homes with various low horizontial lines and open interior areas. Wright was unimpressed with the boxy, confined spaces found in Victorian Style homes and began designing homes that would mesh well with the flat, prairie landscape surroundings.

Bungalow Home

Bungalow Style

The Bungalow Style house is the all American housing design and represents many different varieties of architectural styles. They are best known as the small 20th century home that utilizes space efficiently. The Bungalow Style homes have consistently been a favorite for homebuyers in the United States. One of the main features of a Bungalow Style home is the ease of mobility for older or disabled owners as it generally constructed as a one-story home. This also makes maintenance and cleaning much easier.

Craftsman Home

Craftsman Style

The Craftsman Style house is a close resemblance of the Bungalow Style. It was first brought to the United States in the late 1800’s by a group of English designers. The name “Craftsman” came from the famous furniture designer, Gustav Stickley, in the early 1900’s. A true Craftsman Style home is built according to the plans published by Stickley; however, the ideas has since been adapted by other designers and soon became the expressed Arts and Crafts home — simple, economical and convenient.

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